Leave the Dirty Work to Us

We'll take care of laundry services in Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD

Fire or flood damage can leave behind all kinds of odors in your home, especially on soft surfaces like clothing. The Armor Restoration and Building team is here to make your recovery process easier with laundry services. We'll pick up all your soiled clothing, curtains and furniture covers, clean them thoroughly and return them in like-new condition.

To get a free estimate on laundry services in the Baltimore, MD or Philadelphia, PA area, contact us today.

Trust your upholstery to the pros

Trust your upholstery to the pros

When you need to have your furniture, curtains or clothing cleaned, make sure you turn to a professional. Our home deodorizing experts:

  • Are trained to handle strong disinfectants and chemicals.
  • Have the necessary experience to get rid of even the toughest odors.
  • Can preserve the integrity of your upholstery while giving it a thorough clean.

Find out what a professional home deodorizing service can do for your home in the Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD area. Call 877-276-6701 today.